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    Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action

    Fast Petey
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    Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action Empty Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action

    Post  Fast Petey on Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:39 pm

    Tuesday night found 9 cars testing at Three Palms, so we decided to run a top 6 program. Since there has been a production delay my Road Race Replica cars have yet to arrive, and unfortunately this has lead to the cancelling of our fall Series. However there were enough of the DASH Fairgrounds cars (and a couple of RRR cars) on hand and the racing was really great.

    Cars involved belonged to Gary Newsome, my daughter Sarah and wife Martha, Tommy Clark and myself. Four were Dash '55 Chevy's, one was a RRR '57 Chevy and one was, believe it or not, an AW/JL '57 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Two of the DASH cars had JL/AW chassis, the rest were NOS.

    Qualifying was timed manually, like the old days, pole was 2.21 seconds, all cars qualified within 1.8 seconds. Fast dash saw the #97 car, driven by me, Gary's '57 Studebaker driven by him, and Sarah driving her #17 DASH '55. I won a squeeker after 10 laps with the Stude nearly catching me at the finish.

    Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action 64413_1389732995389_1594028630_892978_36127_n

    Heats progressed to the mains, the top 5 cars went to The Show, they were the #97 '55 Chevy, #57 '57 Studebaker, #17 '55 Chevy, #13 '55 Chevy and the #12 '55 Chevy, with my wife making her first ever race and actually placing 2nd in two of the heat races.

    Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action 64413_1389732915387_1594028630_892976_8152151_n

    While insanely fast the '57 Studebaker had some handling problems, swinging it's huge rear end in the corners. But in the 4th lane it was unstoppable, and at 21.8 grams the 'bump and run' simply didn't work, the car would not deslot. But on lap 9 of the 12 lap C Main the rear fender slammed the pit entrance and the car tumbled and was hit by my #97 car which also took me out.

    Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action 64413_1389733035390_1594028630_892979_463923_n

    In the Final it was my #97 and #12 cars, Sarah's #17 YooHoo Chevy and the ever present Stude. The 50 lapper went caution free with me taking the win by nearly 3 laps, the Stude finished a strong second with the #17 car two laps behind. The #12 car driven by my wife Martha dropped out on lap 28 when it started making the horrible 'T-jet out of oil' sound going down the back straight.

    Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action 64834_1389734515427_1594028630_892989_2263285_n

    This was the first real racing (other than grudge matches) for this new track, we didn't use the RMS that my daughter's boyfriend Adam has been working on, instead we used Greg Braun's system. We will be racing either Thursday or Saturday nights, we do have other racers but they were not present this evening. This class of car, the 1950's Fairgrounds cars, will only see use through the end of the year, in 2011 we will be using the more readily available bodies from AW/JL and Model Motoring, the 9 cars I have coming from RRR will become immediately for sale when they arrive, so watch for them in the for sale section. For the rest of 2010 we will race the DASH '55 Chevy and JL/AW '57 Studebaker, which I am absolutely sure we will see at least one more of by the next race night.

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    Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action Empty Re: Three Palms Speedway Tuesday Night Pancake Action

    Post  Dave on Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:34 am

    Thanks for the pics. The cars and track really look great. I wish I was there with my Ford. (Haven't got the Ford yet but I still wish I was there with it!)

    Dave Ewing
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